Economical Packaging for Organic Products

As an organic produce supplier it should be a top priority to ensure that all products and items are properly distributed. Paper bags might not be the first type of packaging considered, but there’s a reason why more and more businesses are turning to their use – and that’s because they offer a variety of benefits that other packaging types simple can’t replicate.

Brown paper bag wholesale supplies are often far cheaper than plastic equivalents and as they are typically manufactured in batch this can also help to lower their cost, too. But what exactly are their main advantages and why are they worth considering; especially for companies selling organic products?

The environmental approach

It’s no secret that plastic bags will retain their composition for decades (if not centuries) without even the slightest sign of decomposition. Paper bags on the other hand are made using finely woven tree fibres (in much the same way as regular drawing and writing paper). What this means is that the organic compounds are entirely bio-degradable and will decompose over time.

Although most people will be responsible and dispose of their packaging properly, there are some that simply cast their bags to the wind – but even if this event occurs, paper bags will still decompose without causing any damage to the environment.

The affordability factor

Cost is a big issue for businesses, especially those hoping to keep their overheads low. It’s not always an option to provide organic foods to customers and expect them to carry everything home in their pockets; and that’s why bags are such a reliable solution. As briefly mentioned above, plastic bags can be more expensive than paper alternatives for a business and considering their tendency to remain in the ecosystem for decades, they can have a much more negative effect on the environment.

Although paper bags don’t offer the same water-resistant properties as plastic bags, they are more than capable of carrying heavier loads without splitting – offering even more value for money by saving on multiple plastic bags being needed.

Benefitting environmentally-minded customers

There are many people that refuse to pick up new bags from grocery stores and support their manufacture – a process that is actually damaging the world that we live in. These same people often bring their own bags, or shop at stores that consider the environment more carefully. By offering paper packaging as opposed to plastic, businesses in a multitude of industries are opening their doors to the more environmentally-minded societies out there.

This might not seem like a huge benefit at first, but considering that an additional 8% of adults are deciding to reduce their energy-footprint each year, the market is clearly growing and the greater the level of support from a business, the more likely they will be to thrive in this new eco-friendly era.